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Consultores Ho Chung Ming ( Macau ) Lda.
Registered Engineering Consultant in Macau ¡]DSSOPT No. 3299/2008¡^

Building Consultancy & Contractor

Our Job Reference (Partially)

Fast Concrete Plant Project 2018 - 2019
Scope of services : Writing tender document and draft form of contracts, tenders interview to the contractors , monitoring progress stages by stages and conduct final inspection to the remedial repairing and maintenance works
Ground Settlement Monitoring Services at Sub-Station, Galaxy Macau-2018 - 2021
Scope of services : Monitoring Ground Settlement and prepare assessment report.
Diamond Lower & Upper Water Tank Inspection in Galaxy Macau- 2013 - 2021
Scope of services : LPT and visual inspection and prepare assessment report.
LEED Consultancy Services for CEM-Pax on 220/110kv Substation, Macau-2016
Scope of services : LEED Certification and Report Review
C350 Contract LRT Development Work, Macau Taipa Central Section Environmental aspect control, 2014 - 2018.
Scope of services: Dust monitoring & testing and prepare assessment report.
Pile wall ground monitoring at ¤E ¿D in Macau, 2014
Scope of services: Monitoring pile wall of settlement and prepare monthly assessment report.
Environmental Management and Monitoring at ¤E ¿D in Macau, 2014
Scope of services: Site environmental monitoring and prepare monthly assessment report.
Diamond Feature Platform Survey in Galaxy Macau, 2013
Scope of services: Design Check with calculation for existing structural steel platform.
Stainless Steel Tank in Galaxy Macau, 2013
Scope of services: Structural inspection and LPT test for Stainless steel tank.
Diamond Rigging System Inspection in Galaxy Macau, 2013
Scope of services: Cables testing and failure analysis and Survey of Diamond Rigging System.
Macau BCM Bank, 2010-2011
Scope of services: Facade renovation work and Structural Assessment.
Thomas Hall House in Macau, 2010
Scope of services: Structural Assessment
COD Green Wall, 2009
Scope of services: Green wall Works.
Venetian Macau Resort, project management services for packages of MP4010, MP3035, WP4270 and WP5257. 2006-2007
Scope of services: Design and installation of fitting out works including drywalls and false ceiling, design and construction of road works, contract sum about HK$100 Million

Galaxy Macau Launches Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Promotion Week

October 8, 2013 - As part of its effort to provide a safe and comfortable work environment, Galaxy Macau™ specially launches the ¡§Occupational Health & Safety and Environmental Protection Promotion Week¡¨ and invites experts and professionals from Macau and Hong Kong to present ten seminars on various topics for its team members. The promotion week aims to provide a rewarding learning experience for the participants by sharing with them useful information about occupational safety, as well as the practical techniques of energy conservation and environment protection.
Held at Galaxy Macau on Monday, the opening ceremony of the promotion week was attended by Ms. Teng Nga Kan, Deputy Director of Labour Affairs Bureau, Mr. Leong Wai Tong, President of Association of Macau Occupational Safety and Health Professionals and Dr. Tommy Ho, President of Hong Kong Institute of Environmentalist. During his speech, the President of Association of Macau Occupational Safety and Health Professionals Mr. Leong Wai Tong said, ¡§Galaxy Macau has made significant contribution to promoting a safe and healthy work environment through hosting the promotion week to provide very useful information about occupational safety and health to its management team as well as the front-line team members.¡¨